You are not stuck on a iPhone, Chapter 2

I wrote an article a while back about moving to Android, if you are on a Phone now. That one dealt with your data. Now I want to talk to you about the cool iPhone accessories that you love, like your stereo or clock radio with the iPhone dock, etc. Up ’til now, there was not solution. Now: there is dockBoss+ available through CableJive.

I have not seen it yet (I pre-ordered mine, it will be shipping on Sept 28th), but it is a cable that will plug into the docking port of an iPhone accessory and provide the power through a microusb port, and sound through a headphone jack. While the site says that it does not offer a data connection, allowing remote control, of music apps for example, it will let you connect your Android to your existing iPhone devices. I’ll let you know more once I get mine, and have a chance to use it.

Stay tuned!


How to set ringtones for Gmail labels on your Android phone | How To – CNET




Here is a great article to check out. It shows you to set different ringtones for items that come in for your GMail account on your android phone.

It notes that before you can do that, you have to set up filters, and a label that the filter uses… For more information on that see this entry in the GMail help:

How to set ringtones for Gmail labels on your Android phone | How To – CNET.

Enjoy your new functionality!

Five reasons Android is superior to the iPhone | TechRepublic

This article on TechRepublic has a very good synopsis on 5 strong points about why techies prefer Android over the iPhone. Take a look

Five reasons Android is superior to the iPhone | TechRepublic.

Eat cheap: Gourmet Ramen Noodles


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It reminds me of my college days… Or my Navy days… When money was short I went for the Ramen Noodles. I remember at one time, you could buy them at the Navy Exchange for 12 cents a piece. The Navy supplied food, but at the time I was working swing shift, and had to get into uniform, just to go eat. what a pain :).

Now, there are some kool recipes to help you Jazz up your Ramen noodles. All are quick and sound good. One more hint before I go… For higher quality, still often for less than $1, check out the Ramen noodles at your local oriental market. They have unique flavors that you won’t find in an american supermarket, and they are great to keep in the drawer at the office, for when you forget lunch, or can’t get out.

See more articles about this in the related articles section below.

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Life By Dave Surge!

So, I know that I have not really been posting much lately, but I was working and talking with some incredible people this weekend, and my choice family members Anna and John, both inspired me to get back into doing this blog, especially the technical stuff, where I really have a gift to help bring the myriad of technical stuff to everyday life.

Keep watching here and there will be some great stuff coming. Thanks for inspiring me again, John and Anna. Love you guys!

45+ Minimalist And Stylish Free WordPress Themes | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers

If you use WordPress for your blog, here are some good simple themes all in one place.

45+ Minimalist And Stylish Free WordPress Themes | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers.

Think your stuck on iPhone? You’re not

Android Market

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Today’s technology is about choice. If you want to be able to choose your hardware and software on your smartphone, and not be stuck with what Apple thinks you should be, and you think you are stuck, because all of your stuff is on your phone… Here is a step by step way of getting it to your new Android.;title

One thing that the article does not cover as well is how to get your music on to your new phone. While the drag and drop method they mention will work, if you prefer, there is a free 3rd party application in the Android Market called DoubleTwist. It has a player that will sync with iTunes, and it will download any podcasts you want to subscribe to. If you want, they have a paid add-on that will let you sync via your home wifi network without plugging in, called AirSync. It is just $5.

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Amazon opens Android Appstore, offers Fee Stuff

Amazon has entered the ring of application stores for smartphones by offering it’s own application store. They are also offering a free, normally paid, application per day. In addition, they are offering Angry Birds Rio, a new version of the popular Angry Birds series. check it out here: Amazon AppStore

Today’s free app is Doodle Jump, another free application. Go and check it out!

Healthier Pizza Recipes

Delish has put out a great collection of healthy pizza recipes.  Check’em out!


mmm… AIR CAR!!!

OK, the world of concept cars has taken a new step. Volvo has put out a concept car at the LA Car show that runs on Air: That’s right, folks. The energy source for the car running is compressed air.

Looks like fun!!! Might not work real well, once they pass federal regs on safety, tho. Let’s wait and see.

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