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Healthier Pizza Recipes

Delish has put out a great collection of healthy pizza recipes.  Check’em out!



mmm… AIR CAR!!!

OK, the world of concept cars has taken a new step. Volvo has put out a concept car at the LA Car show that runs on Air: That’s right, folks. The energy source for the car running is compressed air.

Looks like fun!!! Might not work real well, once they pass federal regs on safety, tho. Let’s wait and see.

The Pros and Cons of Facebook Mail

Over at LifeHacker, they have posted a couple of discussion articles about the Facebook mail question, both Pro and Con:


Take a look, and see which way you are swaying.  I have requested an invite to the Facebook mail, so that I can evaluate it, and have more information for you guys here, so stay tuned.  While you are waiting, drop a vote in the Facebook mail poll:

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Facebook’s “e-mail” is official

It looks as though they don’t want to supply e-mail service, but rather have a central place for you to access your text-based communications: texts,  e-mail, and instant messages (IM). They want to make it easier to find the content you want.

Based on the information in the press release (, and in the write-ups I have seen by other tech bloggers, it seems to be an interesting move that will bear watching.  The inbox will make it easy to find content and conversations from friends, then from friends of friend, then others on out…  They will sew the data together as conversations, rather than seeing a single text message, you will see the entire chain of them together (similar to SMS apps on current smartphones). It could be worse.  I am going to wait and see.

The feature is going to be available from your Facebook account and you will have the option to use it or not.  Right now it is “invitation only”, so you can’t get it yet…

What to do with an old computer

Pc boot

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There is a well known maxim in the computer industry known as Moore’s Law. It basically describes the trend in computing power, that processors double in speed about every 2 years.  The result of this, is that the PC that you use will become obsolete before it breaks down (usually 🙂 ).

What do you do with that old PC?  Here are some great suggestions:

In addition to these, I have a few of my own:

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Life’s blessings

Life is an amazing thing. There are moments that come and we never realize how special they are. Read this post from someone who sees:


Rooted my Android

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...
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OK, so this article is for my techie followers more than everyone. My cell phone is a Samsung Vibrant, it is T-mobile’s Galaxy S phone.  The thing I love about the Galaxy S is how Samsung handled it.  Rather than doing what most phone producers do and lock a phone into one carrier (Like AT&T and the iPhone), they went with over 100 carriers worldwide.

The down side was that “rooting” the phone has been elusive. For those of you who are not familiar with it, since Android is a Linux-based OS, you can gain root access to it, and do things like remove applications that were installed by the carrier. Today, I found a kit that works for the Galaxy S, with a “1-button” root process….  Here’s the article:

Good luck!!!


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Veggie Recipes

OK, time for a food post! Over at they put together a great collection of of Vegetarian recipes…  Take a look:


Facebook building it’s own e-mail client?

Facebook logo

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It looks like there was a reason for the tiff between Google and Facebook this week over accessing your contact data. Facebook is working on “Project Titan”, a full-featured web-based e-mail solution.

See this article @ TechCrunch:

What do you think?  would you switch to a Facebook e-mail client, of they were to offer one?

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Can you help me?

I want to make this site a success for me and for you.  I want to provide things you want to see, things you might want to know how to do, maybe make you laugh.

Tell me what you want to see.  Thanks!!!


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