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Think your stuck on iPhone? You’re not

Android Market

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Today’s technology is about choice. If you want to be able to choose your hardware and software on your smartphone, and not be stuck with what Apple thinks you should be, and you think you are stuck, because all of your stuff is on your phone… Here is a step by step way of getting it to your new Android.;title

One thing that the article does not cover as well is how to get your music on to your new phone. While the drag and drop method they mention will work, if you prefer, there is a free 3rd party application in the Android Market called DoubleTwist. It has a player that will sync with iTunes, and it will download any podcasts you want to subscribe to. If you want, they have a paid add-on that will let you sync via your home wifi network without plugging in, called AirSync. It is just $5.

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