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Eat cheap: Gourmet Ramen Noodles


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It reminds me of my college days… Or my Navy days… When money was short I went for the Ramen Noodles. I remember at one time, you could buy them at the Navy Exchange for 12 cents a piece. The Navy supplied food, but at the time I was working swing shift, and had to get into uniform, just to go eat. what a pain :).

Now, there are some kool recipes to help you Jazz up your Ramen noodles. All are quick and sound good. One more hint before I go… For higher quality, still often for less than $1, check out the Ramen noodles at your local oriental market. They have unique flavors that you won’t find in an american supermarket, and they are great to keep in the drawer at the office, for when you forget lunch, or can’t get out.

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