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Amazon opens Android Appstore, offers Fee Stuff

Amazon has entered the ring of application stores for smartphones by offering it’s own application store. They are also offering a free, normally paid, application per day. In addition, they are offering Angry Birds Rio, a new version of the popular Angry Birds series. check it out here: Amazon AppStore

Today’s free app is Doodle Jump, another free application. Go and check it out!


Fun websites for Kids

Educational and fun don’t always go together, and on the web there is no end of places for your kids to go where they can get into trouble.

This blog took the time to look at and find stuff that is fun and safe for your young children.

Check it out:

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Facebook Calls Me Nuts!

OK, here is a funny one.  When I use the Facebook share button on my blog to add the article to my Facebook page, I get a “Captcha”, whose job it is to make sure that I am a real human.  I think that in this case though, Facebook has been getting judgemental:


CAPTCHA offering the words "for wacko"

Facebook thinks I'm nuts... They may be right 🙂


What do you guys think.  Any of you get some interesting ones like this?


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Hells Kitchen Auditions in Miami!

Many types of sushi ready to eat.

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Interested in working with Chef Gordon Ramsay?  Over 21? Want your 15 minutes of Reality show fame?  Love cooking?

I admit, as a newly started culinary student this is tempting…  I also admit that I have never seen this show, but the other students have been talking about it.  I have to check it out.

Check out the Audition locations:

Good luck!!!

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Harry Potter, It’s OK!

Harry Potter book series
Image by bibicall via Flickr

I had been worried.  I really enjoy the Harry Potter series, and have read the books (re-read them as is my habit with my favorites), and now one of my favorite technology nerd blogs had written an insightful article about why it is OK for an older guy like me to like these books.

Check it out:

Every so often, It is nice to have an outside opinion that matches mine 🙂

Want to read more?:

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Star Wars Meets Disney Princesses

The Disney princesses rendered as bad-ass Sith Warlords!  There’s something you don’t see every day.  check it out at:

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