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You are not stuck on a iPhone, Chapter 2

I wrote an article a while back about moving to Android, if you are on a Phone now. That one dealt with your data. Now I want to talk to you about the cool iPhone accessories that you love, like your stereo or clock radio with the iPhone dock, etc. Up ’til now, there was not solution. Now: there is dockBoss+ available through CableJive.

I have not seen it yet (I pre-ordered mine, it will be shipping on Sept 28th), but it is a cable that will plug into the docking port of an iPhone accessory and provide the power through a microusb port, and sound through a headphone jack. While the site says that it does not offer a data connection, allowing remote control, of music apps for example, it will let you connect your Android to your existing iPhone devices. I’ll let you know more once I get mine, and have a chance to use it.

Stay tuned!


mmm… AIR CAR!!!

OK, the world of concept cars has taken a new step. Volvo has put out a concept car at the LA Car show that runs on Air: That’s right, folks. The energy source for the car running is compressed air.

Looks like fun!!! Might not work real well, once they pass federal regs on safety, tho. Let’s wait and see.

Facebook’s “e-mail” is official

It looks as though they don’t want to supply e-mail service, but rather have a central place for you to access your text-based communications: texts,  e-mail, and instant messages (IM). They want to make it easier to find the content you want.

Based on the information in the press release (, and in the write-ups I have seen by other tech bloggers, it seems to be an interesting move that will bear watching.  The inbox will make it easy to find content and conversations from friends, then from friends of friend, then others on out…  They will sew the data together as conversations, rather than seeing a single text message, you will see the entire chain of them together (similar to SMS apps on current smartphones). It could be worse.  I am going to wait and see.

The feature is going to be available from your Facebook account and you will have the option to use it or not.  Right now it is “invitation only”, so you can’t get it yet…

Life’s blessings

Life is an amazing thing. There are moments that come and we never realize how special they are. Read this post from someone who sees:


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